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New Video Released!

We've had the pleasure of working with Stephen Gregory of Gregory Imagery over the past few events to capture video and many of the super awesome photos we've been sharing here and over on our Instagram account. We finally got around to editing some of the video content into a short video about our first race with v2.0 this season. Take a look and tell us if you like it! Add a comment to the video or down below in this post. If you do, we'll do more... ;)

If you'd like to get even more of the "behind the scenes" of this race event, check out my previously published blog post here.

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1 Comment

Jordan Baldwin
Jordan Baldwin
Aug 28, 2023

You shot a cool video) you're great at riding a motorcycle. What application did you use to create such videos? I liked how you adjusted the color and sounds in the video. I want to record something like, only I'm going to ride a bmx "typical bmxer day" I would like to shoot something like that, but I don't know which application to use. I'm thinking of downloading this. How do you like it? Have you used this?

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